Cardio Weight Loss Programs

Cardio Weight Loss Programs

Cardio weight loss programs are a lot like a well prepared meal. They are a lot of work and the end result doesnt last. Everyday people put on their sneakers to hit the pavement, they strap on some goggles and jump in the pool, they climb aboard the elliptical and expect a miracle. The truth is is takes a lot more then this to change your shape.

Dont get me wrong cardio weight loss programs are a great way to burn a few extra calories, and more importantly, get your heart and lungs in shape! But when it comes to seeing real change in your body, cardio should be nothing more then 1 tool in your kit.and heres why.

Cardio wont change your eating habits, and it wont reform your body.

If you are a bad carb junkie and you think an hour on the treadmill everyday is going to solve your problem youve got another thing commin.

You will never burn enough calories doing cardio weight loss programs to ever tip the scales in your favor because bad carbs stick to the human body like glue. The solution of course is to stop eating those bad carbs. Ie: White bread, high sugar fruit juices, white pasta, pizza etc.

When you start to eat carbs that a good for you with a low GI (glycemic index) your body will thank you and your cardio will start to help you.

The next thing you need to know is that having a greater focus on weight training and less focus on cardio will help you get incredible results.

As I said before cardio weight loss programs wont help your body change size. Sure you might look a little smaller but dont you want to look a little firm? Maybe even toned and sexy? Doing some weight training is the key to achieving this goal. Who doesnt want a firm shapely butt, am I right?

The other advantage to weight training is that your metabolism goes way up. Your burn more calories while at rest. On top of this your body uses more energy to keep your new muscle healing and healthy.

Dont worry ladies, you wont bulk up. Those fitness models who look like knotted tree roots work daily year in and year out to look that way.

The female body isnt made to be that way. Its made to look supple, and if you weight train thats exactly how you will look. A little toned, firm, and supple.

If your interested in a weight loss program that incorporates some weight training to get the beautiful body you deserve, you may find this reviewhelpful.

So dump your cardio weight loss program and start using it as part of a greater plan. Stop eating bad carbs, start weight training, and do cardio a few times a week instead of every day. Youll thank yourself for it when you see that gorgeous creature looking back at you in the mirror one day.