Diets For Quick Weight Loss

Diets For Quick Weight Loss

In this article I want to share with you some diets for quick weight loss. What I’ll be sharing are some foundation principles that many dieticians agree are effective for losing weight. Everyone of course has different opinions and some will disagree, but this a good starting point and is something you can start implementing today.

Almost any of the different diets for quick weight loss will recommend that you cut out white carbohydrates from your breakfast. When I say white carbohydrates I mean refined or processed carbs Things like white bread, white sugar, cereal. Other white carbs include white rice, white pasta and potatoes, although you probably don’t eat these for breakfast too often. Anyway, you get the picture.

The reason it’s recommended to cut out these types of carbohydrates is because they have a high glycemic index. A high glycemic index means that your body can break the food down quickly leading to glucose being released into the blood at a higher speed than with lower glycemic carbs. And fast glucose released has often been linked with increased fat gain.

That’s all a bit technical, but you don’t need to know the science to know that you can benefit a lot from eating less white carbs.

So what do diets for quick weight loss tend to recommend for breakfast?

Well the specifics vary from diet to diet, but what’s been working well for me recently is scrambled egg with salsa and spinach

I know, right Yuk!

I’ve got to admit that it took me a while to get used to it, and I still can’t eat it every day, but when I stick with it for a week or two I always notice myself losing weight. And the reason it works is because it doesn’t contain white carbohydrates.

It’s a slow digesting meal that’s high in protein and healthy because of the vegetables.

I’m sure some animal product haters will argue with me for including eggs in my diet, but it works for me and I find eggs are a great source of protein in the mornings.

The next key thing you’ve got to know about diets for quick weight loss is to shift from eating a few large meals per day to having more smaller meals per day.

The reason this will help you lose weight (and increase your energy) is because it boosts your metabolism.

By eating more frequently your body get accustomed to expecting regular doses of “fuel” for energy from your meals, therefore has less reason to store it in the form of fat, which is more likely to happen when you eat very infrequent but large meals.

And finally, when it comes to diets for quick weight loss, try and add some protein to all of your meals. Numerous experts agree that by adding protein to your meals you help stimulate your body’s fat burning hormones. And making this dietary change can add a lot to your overall fat loss efforts.