Dolphin Plank: The Most Effective Yoga Exercise to Burn Fat

Dolphin Plank: The Most Effective Yoga Exercise to Burn Fat

The moment we imagine yoga experts, our mind instantly thinks of sleek, slimmer women with swan like elegance, completely healthy and poised with an amazing blend of strength and versatility. They all usually have long, elegant limbs, rigid and toned muscles, and seem to be amazingly comfortable and at relieve. This is why yoga exercises are an amazing thing to look when you need a great desire of losing excessive weight. While you can spend hours each day on your fitness treadmill machine, nothing surpasses a little variety to help you stay inspired with your diet, and this one switch will not only help you get rid of fat but help develop your muscle tissue while you are at it.

The main reason Yoga is so effective in losing fat because it truly requires that you use most of your body in order to pull it off. While most workouts in the gym might require only one part of our body, say your biceps for a curl, or your chest and arms for the bench press, this exercise is a full body workout. These types of exercises are called compound exercises; since they switch on a variety of muscles and truly help you burn fat by increasing your primary temperature.

The Yoga exercise which burns fat unbelievably is known as Dolphin Planks. This exercise primarily focuses on your core and shoulders. Just because it’s a core exercise, don’t expect you will get abs right after doing it. For that to occur, you will have to reduce your general body fat levels to almost below 10%.

In order to perform the Dolphin Plank you need to get into a push-up position, and then lower down onto your forearms. Keep your legs straight, tailbone tucked in so that you are one line from heels to head, and place your elbows right under your shoulders. Look at the ground between your hands and concentrate on your respiration. From there you force your back up to the sky, making a pyramid between your elbows and toes. Your head should sink between your arms and you should feel your calf muscles and shoulders burn. Hold that for a while, and then come back to the planks location.

The Dolphin Plank is a very effective weight loss exercise because it activates your body completely, burns your shoulders and uses your legs and back to stay in the position. This whole results in enormous calorie burn that you will feel within minutes. Fifteen repetitions of three sets each is recommend for desirable results.