Slow and Steady Loses the Weight

Slow and Steady Loses the Weight

In a recent post titled Determined to Succeed. I provided readers with a solution to keeping their motivation up during a long weight loss journey. But I didnt really give my readers any idea how long weight loss can take.

I just wrote this post to really show how long it takes so you can be realistic when you start a weight loss program.

The best example I can give you is myself. Anyone who has read my Motivational Guide to Weight Loss knows my story. But for those who dont here is the jist of it:

I lost 60 pounds in 6 months by lifting weights 5 times a week, and running twice a week. I also stop eating any junk food at all. I only ate healthy foods. If I just had to have a salty snack I ate pretzels, which as you may or may not know are VERY low in fat.

Now, the numbers dont look that bad right? 60 pounds in ONLY 6 months? Easy breezy right? Well, let me tell you something. 6 months living this way is easier said then done and my workout was intense. I was doing 2 muscle groups a day, 3 exercises for each group. I would do 40 reps at the highest weight I could while still accomplishing the 40 reps.

Thats 480 lifts a day = 86400 lifts in 6 months. Thats 1o kilometers of running a week = 240Km in 6 months . Thats 651 meals a month of ONLY healthy food = 3906 healthy meals in 6 months.

I burned fat, gained muscle and never put the weight back on.

And thats basically as good as it gets when it comes to weight loss. I was in my late teens so I had the energy and few commitments. I also had a strong support network. My workout partner and my family encouraged me daily.

Chances are your circumstances are a bit less ideal then mine. I was lucky to have the determination and support I had. Chances are you are going it alone and you will have more life challenges to face. My only obligation at the time was going to school.

For this reason I really suggest you forget about losing weight fast. That is, if you think 6 months is fast. Its much more likely you will take longer to reach your goal if its anything over 20 pounds. But dont be discouraged! You may do it faster, but I can tell you from experience that even if you have a will of steel and ideal conditions it could take you 1/2 a year to lose a significant amount.

So please take it easy on yourself. If you dont, you wont make it. When we push ourselves too hard, eventually we just give up. The funny thing is that we dont just give up for that moment. We give up for the rest of our lives.

Make a commitment to yourself today. Tell yourself that you wont give up even if it seems like its taking too long. If you do give up, promise yourself its only for that moment, or that day, or that week.

You deserve to live a healthy and happy lifestyle and you can have it. Just stay committed to your goals, take it easy on yourself, and remember slow and steady loses the weight.

Best Of Luck