Tabata Squats

Tabata Squats

The following Tabata Squats routine is truly a fantastic workout to add to your arsenal of fitness exercises.

If you’re after a killer workout, and really want to fire up your heart and lungs, then this one will do it for you! My only challenge for you is to complete the full 8 Tabata intervals at 100% of your maximum, without holding back! Can you do it?

The Tabata Squats Procedure

This is a bodyweight exercise, so you don’t need any special equipment to do this. All you need is a flat surface with a little space around you, and of course your stop watch or clock to time your intervals.

Before doing any exercise you should complete a thorough warm up. If you don’t, you are likely to injure yourself. This is just a pain in the butt as you will need time to recover before you can hit your Tabata routines. So make sure you do. (Lecture over!)

Start off your training session with 20 seconds of squats. With your feet about shoulder width apart, squat all the way down so your upper thighs are parallel with the floor. Immediately power yourself back up to your standing starting position. But don’t lock out your knees. Then repeat.

Do this as fast as you can for the full 20 seconds. Remember, this is ultra high-intensity intervals, so there’s no holding back. Then rest for 10 seconds. You’ll need this time to recover ready for the next 20 second of ultra high-intensity interval. Shake out your limbs to help flush out the lactic acid and ease the burn, but other than that, just recuperate.

All you have to do then is repeat this for a total of 8 intervals!

There is a great video below showing the Tabata squats routine in action. It’s definitely worth a watch if you have a few minutes to spare. After watching this video, if you think it looks a little tough and find it a little daunting, read on and see what you can to do build up to this if your fitness isn’t quite there yet.

Did you notice how he was swinging his arms? This isn’t cheating. He is using the momentum of his arms so that he can squat even faster. He is still working flat out! It also gives his shoulders and upper back a good workout, too.

You can see as each high-intensity interval progresses how it gets harder and harder for him, and this guy is obviously one fit dude. That’s because he is constantly giving 100%. Even though his squats become ever so slightly slower towards the end of the 4 minutes, he is still working to his absolute maximum. That’s the challenge I set you above!

What If This Is Too Tough?

Don’t worry, no one would expect you to manage this first go round, especially if you are relatively new to high-intensity interval training.

So you will probably need to make it easier for yourself the first few times. The idea of the Tabata Protocol is ultra intense exercise, so there’s no escaping the 20 seconds of flat out work (sorry about that!). But you can increase the length of your rest intervals!

Start off sticking to the protocol as long as possible. Only have 10 second recuperation.

If after your third of fourth interval you just can’t get anything out of it, then up your rest to 20 seconds. You’ll find, after a couple of weeks, that you’ll be able to perform the entire 8 intervals with only 10 seconds of rest between. It shouldn’t take long to work up to this as you start to see the results of Tabata training very quickly!

Tabata Fitness Progression

If you are super fit, then you can increase the intensity of these sessions by adding an extra Tabata cycle of 8 intervals. Make sure you rest for 1 minute before you start your next round.

Sticking to the same exercise might be too tough though. The lactic acid build up might just make the session worthless. So consider doing a different exercise. (Burpees for example…another absolute killer routine.)